Majority of Internet Users in UK Concerned With Going Online

According to a UK research study, 79% of adult internet users “have concerns about aspects of going online.”

Ofcom Survey Finds People Nervous About Going Online

Ofcom, a regulator for communication services in the UK, conducted a study 1686 internet users over 16 years old. The survey addressed attitudes towards online harm across a range of categories.

  • 66% of respondents are concerned about online content;
  • 58% are concerned about data or privacy;
  • 55% are concerned about interactions with other users; and
  • 54% are concerned about hacking or security.

Over half of adult internet users are concerned with data or privacy when going online. The internet clearly isn’t meeting those people’s needs. With better privacy protection and encryption across the web, more people can browse freely to find the information they’re looking for.

About Ofcom

One of Ofcom’s other initiatives is to “make sure people don’t get scammed and are protected from bad practices. This is particularly important for vulnerable or older people.” Ofcom provides advice and information to people, as well as taking complaints about communications services, including broadband. Also included in their priorities is to make sure “people are protected from unfair treatment in programmes, and don’t have their privacy invaded.”

It’s Possible To Go Online With More Privacy

If you’re also concerned about your privacy when going online, there are plenty of ways to keep your identity protected. You can use a reputable VPN, a private browser and search engine, and encrypted messaging services.

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