Search Encrypt Adds Privacy-Friendly Maps Feature

Search Encrypt is excited to announce that we’ve added a new maps feature to our search engine. Other maps providers on the internet collect too much information and we believe we can offer useful maps without compromising on privacy.

Our new map search is just one of many exciting new features we plan to add to Search Encrypt in the near future. As we continue to add new features our results will continue to improve. To continue working towards our vision of making privacy more accessible to everyone, we must continue expanding and adding to our search engine.

How To Use Search Encrypt Maps Search

Using our new maps search is easy and intuitive. Unlike other maps providers that may track your location and maps searches, we don’t link your searches or any of your location data to your identity.

Search Encrypt Location Map Search

  • On the results page, click on the map.

Search Encrypt Map Results

  • Browse the map and find the result that fits your needs.

Open Source Maps are More Neutral

If you rely solely on one private company as your maps provider, that company can track your location and influence your choice of where to go. The problem with private maps providers is the lack of transparency. The company showing you maps results could prioritize different results, by offering paid placement or giving higher rankings to companies that align with their corporate interests.

According to The Guardian, “There are three concerns: who decides what gets shown on the map, who decides where you are and where you should go?”

Open source map results keep results neutral and user friendly. If a place is popular and visited often, then people are likely to add it to the map. There are less ways for companies to influence the search results by buying ad space or paid ranking.

Open source maps also open up detailed map information to more people who otherwise may not have access

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