That One Privacy Site

That One Privacy Site: An Awesome Resource

We’ve been a long time reader of That One Privacy Site, and we decided it’s about time we share the website with you. It’s an incredible resource if you want to take your privacy seriously but aren’t sure where to start. That One Privacy Site focuses on VPNs and private email services, but also includes a blog that discusses other privacy issues. It began a few years ago when its creator, “That One Privacy Guy” decided to focus on his privacy and stop using proprietary software in favor of free and open source software (FOSS).

That One Privacy Site recognizes the issues with other VPN and privacy-service review sites online. One of the biggest issues is affiliate advertising sites posing as neutral and objective review sites. That One Privacy Site does not receive commissions from users it refers to VPN sites, which helps maintain its neutral stance on each provider. The site is supported by donations, which the site accepts in cryptocurrencies for added privacy.

VPN Comparison Chart

The most impressive resource on That One Privacy Site is the VPN comparison chart. It’s clear that hundreds of hours of research went into a very detailed comparison of over 200 VPN providers. The site’s FAQ says putting the site together has taken thousands of hours at this point. This comparison goes much more in-depth than any other VPN comparison or review site we’ve come across. It includes privacy and security information, ethics, and technical details about every VPN on the list.

Email Comparison

The email comparison list goes into much the same detail as the VPN list. It compares 48 email providers from a privacy and security standpoint. One thing that makes these comparisons so useful is that both of them include even service providers that don’t adequately protect users’ privacy. Showing how the services that lack privacy fail to do so is valuable to readers who don’t know why the service they use is failing them.

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