Tinder Lack of Encryption Raises Privacy Concerns

Checkmarx, a Tel Aviv-based security firm found that Tinder lacks basic HTTPs encryption for photos on the app. While other features in Tinder are encrypted, the compromised photos reveal which photos the user sees, and allows the hacker to see when the user swipes or finds a match.

Checkmarx developed a tool called TinderDrift, which actually shows how much information some one could see if you were using the app on a public WiFi network. This issue reveals the importance of encryption within apps and elsewhere on the internet.

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Engadget also released an article that stated that Tinder also experienced an issue that allowed access to accounts using only a phone number. This is another serious security issue for the online dating app. It’s reasonable to assume that an app with as many users as Tinder would be on top of keeping their users’ information private, however that’s not the case.

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