Express VPN’s Best Web Browsers for Privacy

ExpressVPN tested nine web browsers and ranked them based on the privacy and security each one offers. It looked at three key areas to determine which was the best: frequency of updates, the browser’s security features, and it’s privacy tools. The ratings in each category were then added to give a composite score out of 15.

9. Opera (8.5/15)
8. EPIC Privacy Browser (9/15)
8. Apple Safari (9/15)
6. Internet Explorer (10/15)
6. Google Chrome (10/15)
4. Chromium (11/15)
3. Brave (13.5/15)
2. Firefox (14/15)
1. Tor Browser (14.5/15)

Tor, not surprisingly came out on top as the best private browser – it seems to be the unanimous choice for the privacy-conscious internet user. Also expected, Firefox is a close second place. Mozilla is an advocate for internet privacy, and their browser delivers just that. Perhaps the most shocking on the list is the only browser with privacy in its name, EPIC Privacy Browser, coming in close to last place.

ExpressVPN concludes with a suggestion that you combine these private browsers with its VPN to have to most secure and private experience. We obviously recommend combining those with our private search engine to avoid fingerprinting or other complex tracking from big search engines that may otherwise be able to link your searches to you.

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