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3 Easy Steps To Search Privately with Search Encrypt

1. Stop Using Your Current Search Engine if It’s Tracking You

Search Encrypt is a private search engine, though unfortunately most search engines are not privacy-focused. Traditional search engines collect information like your IP address, past searches or even browsing history. If privacy matters to you, stop using these search engines and choose a private alternative: Search Encrypt.

2. Add Search Encrypt’s Extension to Your Browser

Search Encrypt is available as an extension for Google Chrome and a Mozilla Firefox add-on. The extension changes your default search engine to Search Encrypt. Using the browser extension makes searching privately simple and easy.

Search Encrypt for Google Chrome

Search Encrypt for Mozilla Firefox

Alternative: Go to

If you want to try Search Encrypt before you add our extension, just go to Searching from our homepage offers the same private search results without our extension. Try a search and see what you think of our search engine. If you’re using a public computer or aren’t able to install our extension, you can still use Search Encrypt to keep your searches more private.

3. Try Your First Search with Search Encrypt!

Search Encrypt works like any other search engine. Just enter your search term and press enter. What sets Search Encrypt apart from most search engines on the internet is its commitment to privacy. Search Encrypt is a metasearch engine, which means it sources results from other search engines on the internet. DuckDuckGo and StartPage, two other private search engines, are also “metasearch” engines.

With Search Encrypt your results are always delivered in a secure, privacy-friendly way.

How Does Search Encrypt’s Extension Work?

  1. Search Encrypt checks the URL of each website you visit. We do not log or store that data anywhere.
  2. To protect your private data, Search Encrypt intercepts the search request if it’s on our list of sites that may track your searches.
  3. Search Encrypt encrypts your search locally using industry standard AES-256 encryption.
  4. Your locally encrypted search term is securely transmitted to our servers.
  5. To provide you with the most relevant results possible, we then decrypt your search term and securely request results from our search & content partners.
  6. We aggregate the most relevant results and securely display them to you.
  7. For added security, your search history for any search on Search Encrypt expires after you’ve finished searching.