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Search Encrypt Protects Your Search Privacy

Search Encrypt ( is a private search engine available online or as a browser extension. Search Encrypt’s extension can be added to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It’s a free add-on that can quickly be installed in your browser. Private search engines, like Search Encrypt, are a good way to limit the information profiles that big search engines collect about you.

With the extension installed, whenever you use a search engine that may track you we may redirect you to our secure and private search engine.

Search Encrypt’s Browser Extension

Search Encrypt’s browser extension can be added through the Chrome Webstore, or in Mozilla Firefox. Our browser extension is free and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. After you’ve installed Search Encrypt you can change your settings in the extension menu.

These settings will help you control the level of privacy you’d like to use while searching the web. Search Encrypt is made with privacy by design. This means in its default setting, you will have our best privacy protection.

Search Encrypt image is available in all browsers, and Search Encrypt’s extension is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It does not matter which browser you use, you can still set as your homepage to start your internet browsing with a private search engine.

Using Search Encrypt’s extension, will help keep you more anonymous and private when searching. The extension may redirect any search engines we’ve determined may track you to Using other search engines, which don’t focus on privacy opens your data to potentially dangerous hackers or websites that may try to hijack your PC or install viruses on your computer.

Protect Your Computer and Your Private Information With Search Encrypt

Getting rid of viruses and malware is one thing. The best practice in protection is to simply not get infected in the first place. To achieve that you must use reliable privacy and security tools and follow simple rules or recommended advice to avoid infections and other threats. Here are Search Encrypt’s tips:

  • Watch out for spam emails and attachments. A lot of cyber criminals and malware spreaders are using email spam messaging. Most of these messages have attachment files that can be dangerous to open. We advice to skip suspicious files, don’t even download them on your computer. If you don’t recognize the email address that is sending you links or attachments, it’s best to ignore and delete these emails as they may contain viruses.
  • Adverts and redirect page. Some websites show ads and pop-ups on their pages. These are sometimes accompanied by adware programs that may harm your computer. Clicking on these ads could make your computer run slow or leak private information and files.
  • Don’t open suspicious links or visit suspicious websites. Hackers and cybercriminals can create their own websites with the sole purpose of stealing your information. If a website doesn’t use HTTPS, or looks sloppy and unprofessional do not enter any information. These websites may try to inject your system with malware and other unwanted programs.
  • Be cautious about what you install. If you have downloaded a program from a suspicious website, it may not work as it appears to. Be sure to read the descriptions and agreements carefully so that you don’t give unwanted access to your data.
  • Use other protection tools. Even the most savvy web users can fall victim to sneaky malware programs that may be able to bypass anti-virus and other security programs. Search Encrypt recommends using an anti-malware system on your browser and on your computer.


How Does The Search Encrypt Extension Work?

You can install the Search Encrypt browser extension either directly in the Chrome Web Store or you can visit our extension page here. Installing our extension is a quick and easy way to protect your privacy online. With just a few clicks you can start searching with privacy protection and not have to worry about any one else tracking your private searches.

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Search Encrypt Chrome Web Store

Search Encrypt extension

Search Encrypt Extension Page

Search Encrypt Install

How To Add Search Encrypt To Your Browser

The easiest way to install Search Encrypt is by going directly to the Chrome Web Store or by visiting our install page ( From these sites, just click the install or add now button to start the download process.

search encrypt install button Install Search Encrypt Button








After you click the install buttons you will be taken through the installation process. Accept the conditions and then your searches will be kept more private! To change your settings in Search Encrypt, just click on the Search Encrypt shield icon in your browser and select “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

search encrypt menu

How To Get Rid of Search Encrypt

search encrypt google chrome

How To Remove Search Encrypt Chrome Extension

  1. Open the Chrome Menu by clicking the icon in the top right corner of your browser.
  2. Select “More Tools” > “Extensions”
  3. Click “Remove” in the box that contains Search Encrypt

search encrypt for mozilla firefox

How To Remove Search Encrypt in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the Firefox Menu in the top right corner of your browser window.
  2. Choose “Add-ons” > “Extensions”
  3. Choose “Remove” on the Search Encrypt extension.

If you have trouble removing our extension or any other questions, contact us at

Why You Should Use Search Encrypt

When you use big search engines, they collect your information to “improve their products”. Unfortunately much of the improvement is in their profit numbers and not in easy of use and quality of search results. Search Encrypt does not use tracking tool or maintain logs that compromise your privacy. This means your search results will be more complete and unbiased than the alternative.

If a search engine collects your information, that means it could potentially get hacked or leaked. This could lead to harmful uses of your data like identity fraud or theft.

Search engines that collect your data become more and more powerful with every search they process. Every data point they collect allows their prediction and artificial intelligence technologies to improve incrementally. Unfortunately they can use this data to influence consumer behavior.

Your search engine should deliver quick and reliable answers to your questions and direct you towards the websites you’re looking for. If it becomes just a bunch of promotional links towards products it can profit from, how can it truly deliver unbiased and neutral search results?

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