Best Ad Blockers for Chrome

Blocking ads is a great way to speed up your browsing and greatly improve your internet experience. Many of these Chrome extensions have extra features that set them apart and add convenience.



AdBlock is one of the most popular browser extensions available for Chrome. AdBlock uses a number of lists to determine which ad content to block. Users can select from pre-made black lists or can upload their own.

The most popular Chrome extension, with over 60 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.

AdBlock. The #1 ad blocker with over 200 million downloads. Blocks YouTube, Facebook and ads everywhere else on the web. The original AdBlock for Chrome works automatically. Choose to continue seeing unobtrusive ads, whitelist your favorite sites, or block all ads by default. Just click “Add to Chrome,” then visit your favorite website and see the ads disappear! Also available for iPhone, Safari, and Opera from NOTE: * Unobtrusive ads aren’t being blocked in order to support websites. * The notice you see about having access to your history and website data is automatically generated because AdBlock runs on every tab. But it does not actually monitor your browsing history or require your personal information to work properly.

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AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is another one of the most popular Chrome Extensions available. AdBlock uses preset filter lists, but you can easily white list any site you want. With its default settings AdBlock Plus allows some “non-intrusive” ads, but this feature can be disabled.

With over 500 million downloads, Adblock Plus is one of the world’s most popular ad blockers.

Tired of ads on Chrome? Adblock Plus is an easy-to-use adblocker that blocks video and social media advertising. More than an adblocker, downloading Adblock Plus lets you take control of your internet, block viruses and stop tracking. Adblock Plus will change the way you see the web. To use Adblock Plus, just click “add to Chrome.” Click on the ABP icon to see how many ads you have blocked, change your settings or report a bug. Adblock Plus supports the Acceptable Ads (AA) initiative. They are nonintrusive ads that do not disrupt your web experience. They are shown by default to support websites that rely on advertising revenue, while respecting consumer experience. AA can be turned off at any time for users who wish to block all ads. Learn more at Please Note: When installing Adblock Plus for Google Chrome™, you will receive a warning that Adblock Plus will receive access to your browsing history and data. This is a standard message – we NEVER collect any user information.

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AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is focused on blocking ALL ads, not giving priority to any advertising networks or domains. In addition to blocking ads, AdBlocker Ultimate also blocks malware, adware, and trackers.

Free and improved AdBlocker. Completely remove ALL ads. No “acceptable” ads or whitelisted advertisers, block tracking and malware!

AdBlocker Ultimate is designed with a single purpose in mind to remove all ads and focus your attention on the content you want. Features – Remove all ads – Block malware and tracking – Improve browser performance – No “acceptable” ads or whitelisted websites/ad networks AdBlocker Ultimate is a free extension that blocks ads and malicious domains known to spread malware, disables tracking. We have included a few extensive filters that offer decent protection against annoying, flashy ads, YouTube commercials, and more. Unlike other adblockers we do not have a whitelist for websites, advertisers or ad networks to show you unwanted ads. Blocking ads will speed up your website load speed, decrease CPU and memory usage. Our extension allows you to switch back on ads for your favorite websites in case you know there are no intrusive and/or misleading advertising there.

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Browse the web ad-free with AdGone Ad Blocker. Use the AdGone Ad Blocker to help eliminate online ads and improve your browsing experience.

AdGone Ad Blocker is an effective and efficient extension that puts your internet experience back into YOUR control. Save time, bandwidth and enjoy clean website experience free from annoying pop ups, overlays, videos, banners and click bait ads! Choosing to support your favorite website or internet personality?

Do that with one click of a button and enable safe ads just where YOU allow them. No more third parties deciding for you what is good to see and what is not or who can track your every move!

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AdGuard is a fast and lightweight ad blocking extension that blocks a number of ad types on websites you visit. AdGuard, like many of these ad blockers, can block ads even on sites that use ad blocker circumvention codes. AdGuard can be installed as a browser extension, on your desktop, or both.

Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites. AdGuard ad blocker effectively blocks all types of ads on all web pages, even on Facebook, YouTube and others!

What AdGuard ad blocker does:

  • Blocks all ads: video ads (includes YouTube adblock), rich media advertising, unwanted pop-ups, banners and text ads (includes Facebook adblock);
  • Speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth, thanks to the missing ads and pop-up windows;
  • Protects your privacy by blocking common third-party tracking systems;
  • Blocks many spyware, adware, and dialer installers;
  • Protects you from malware and phishing.

What are the advantages of AdGuard over Adblock or Adblock Plus?

  • AdGuard ad blocker is really fast and lightweight. It uses half as much memory as other popular solutions: Adblock, Adblock Plus, and even outperforms uBlock Adblocker in some tests;
  • AdGuard can handle most of the adblock circumvention scripts;
  • AdGuard is simply better looking and modern (in our opinion).

How can AdGuard ad blocker protect your privacy?

Privacy protection is one of the main goals! Just enable the “AdGuard Tracking Protection filter” in AdGuard settings. It completely removes all forms of tracking from the Internet. AdGuard has one of the largest tracker filter lists containing more than 10,000 rules. It is even larger than the databases of Ghostery and Disconnect.

How to remove social media widgets with AdGuard?

Tired of all the «Like» buttons and similar widgets infesting all of your frequented web pages? Just enable AdGuard “Social media filter” and forget about them. ## How can AdGuard ad blocker protect you from online threats? At the moment we’ve got more than 2,000,000 harmful websites on record. AdGuard can block domains known to spread malware, protecting your computer against viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, and adware. AdGuard really lowers the risk of virus infections and prohibits access to harmful websites to prevent potential attacks.

Crypto-jacking protection

We did comprehensive research on crypto-jacking and, as a result, AdGuard can reliably block most of the known crypto-jackers including CoinHive. You can also add some open source filters like NoCoin which will give you an additional layer of protection.

Why does AdGuard require permissions?

* “Access your data for all websites” and “Access browser tabs”: both permissions are necessary for AdGuard to apply all kinds of cosmetic processing to the pages’ content. Naive ad blocking would simply block ad servers, and leave broken elements and first-party ads on the pages. AdGuard applies special cosmetic rules to make pages look clean and tidy. * “Access browser activity during navigation”: this permission is necessary to keep track of navigation events in order to apply rules when the time is right.

Ad Guardian

Ad Guardian improves your internet experience by blocking annoying ads. Ad Guardian works like other ad blockers, but with added privacy features. Ad Guardian also helps protect you from tracking scripts that may be hidden in the ads on the sites you visit.

Browse the web safe from ads using Ad Guardian, a safer ad blocker.

Ad Guardian improves your internet experience by blocking annoying ads. Ad Guardian’s functionality is similar to other ad blockers, but with added privacy features. With our ad blocker, your web browsing will be much faster and more user-friendly. If the ads never load, the pages you visit will load noticeably faster. Ad Guardian protects you from tracking scripts that may be hidden in the ads on the sites you visit. We have identified the most common internet ad providers and block their ads. This means you won’t have to worry about annoying or distracting ads on the internet’s most popular websites.

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AdLock is available as a browser extension and as a desktop application. It’s application can block ads outside of your web browser that may otherwise show up in other applications. AdLock also blocks websites that may be malicious or unsecured.

An ad blocking extension for Google Chrome™ that doesn’t have acceptable ads and blocks all types of advertising, no excuses.

An ad blocking extension for Google Chrome™ that doesn’t have acceptable ads and blocks all types of advertising, no excuses. For you, it means you don’t need to go seek a hidden option in the settings to disable all of the ads. All of the ads are disabled by default because that’s what you are looking for from an ad blocker, aren’t you? No more hassle with settings: AdLock was designed with care for you. We know you hate digging through settings and we did everything possible to minimize that exhausting experience. For example, sometimes AdLock can be too aggressive and block access to a web page that seems suspicious. In this case, you’ll get a warning box with two simple buttons: IGNORE (keep navigating to the said page) and EXCLUDE PAGE (adding the said page to the whitelist to not blocking it in the future). Privacy and data protection: The global network is full of dangerous corners where you can be led by your curiosity. Don’t worry, AdLock got your back. AdLock blocks online tracking, adware, and spyware from infecting your device and collecting information about you. Resist anti-adblocking scripts: Online marketers believe you don’t deserve the right of deciding what information to consume. So, we got the ultimatums to disable our ad-blockers if we still want to browse websites. Be sure when you use an AdLock extension you won’t face such ultimatums as AdLock fights against anti-adblocking scripts.

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Ghostery is more than just an ad blocker. It is constantly developing more and more complete anti-tracking and ad domain black lists. It does more than simple ad blocking and gives users control over the extension’s functionality.

Ghostery is a powerful privacy extension. Block ads, stop trackers and speed up websites.

Block ads Ghostery’s built-in ad blocker removes advertisements from a webpage to eliminate clutter so you can focus on the content you want. Protect your privacy Ghostery allows you to view and block trackers on websites you browse to control who collects your data. Enhanced Anti Tracking also anonymizes your data to further protect your privacy. Browse faster Ghostery’s Smart Blocking feature speeds up page loads and optimizes page performance by automatically blocking and unblocking trackers to meet page quality criteria. Customize your display Ghostery offers multiple displays and insights dashboards so you can see the information that’s relevant to you. Try Ghostery Rewards Ghostery Rewards is an optional, private-by-design feature that delivers you high-value offers as you browse and make purchases online. Rewards can be viewed, managed, and turned on or off at any time within the Ghostery extension.

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uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is probably the most efficient and lightweight ad blocker available. uBlock Origin has a wide range of filter lists included in its functionality. You can view this ad blocker’s source code on GitHub, which adds another layer of trust.

Finally, an efficient blocker that’s easy on CPU and memory.


Usage: The big power button in the popup is to permanently disable/enable uBlock Origin for the current web site. It applies to the current web site only, it is not a global power button.


Flexible, it’s more than an “ad blocker”: it can also read and create filters from hosts files. Out of the box, these lists of filters are loaded and enforced:

  • EasyList
  • Peter Lowe’s Ad server list
  • EasyPrivacy
  • Malware domains

Of course, the more filters enabled, the higher the memory footprint. Yet, even after adding Fanboy’s two extra lists, hpHosts’s Ad and tracking servers, uBlock Origin still has a lower memory footprint than other very popular blockers out there.

Also, be aware that selecting some of these extra lists may lead to higher likelihood of web site breakage — especially those lists which are normally used as hosts file.


  • Free.
  • Open source with public license (GPLv3)
  • For users by users.

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