Firefox Quantum Steps Up Private Browsing Mode with No Tracking

Mozilla launched the latest version of its Firefox browser back in late 2017. As part of Mozilla’s Quantum project, it aims to build the “next-generation web engine for Firefox users.”

The updates to Firefox’s “Private Browsing Mode” will reduce how much information websites pass on about visitors. This is an attempt to improve the actually “privacy” of private browsing and prevent site to site tracking. However, private browsing modes still raise privacy concerns as we discussed here.

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Learn more about Private Browsing & Incognito Mode

Mozilla is a long-time promoter of the free and open web. It advocates for a private and user-friendly internet. Mozilla offers many resources on how to be smart on the web on its blog.

According to Mozilla:

The Internet only stays healthy if we trust it as a safe place – to explore, transact, connect, and create. Our privacy and security online is under constant threat. But there’s something you can do about it: get informed, protect yourself, and make your voice heard. A healthy Internet depends on you.


As Firefox Quantum gains more positive press and a larger following and user-base, its momentum will continue to grow. This is concerning for alternatives like Google Chrome that may be losing users as a result.