Facebook Breaks Privacy Laws, Faces Fine Up to $125 Million

Search Encrypt/ February 16, 2018

A Belgian court found Facebook guilty of breaching Belgium’s privacy laws. Belgium’s Privacy Commission, the country’s privacy watchdog group, brought the case against Facebook. The Privacy Commission claimed that information about how Facebook gathers and uses data is unclear and incomplete. Facebook uses “social plug-ins”, cookies and transparent pixels to track users internet activities,

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Search Encrypt Eliminates The Need to Clear Your History

Search Encrypt/ February 8, 2018

Your web searches seem private…until they aren’t. If someone needs to borrow your computer, even if it’s just to send an email, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. If you are shopping for a gift, or planning a surprise for a friend, the secret could be ruined if your past searches show

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Make Privacy The Norm & Protect Yourself Online

Search Encrypt/ January 30, 2018

One of Search Encrypt’s biggest goals for 2018 is to establish privacy as a norm on the internet. Most major websites have taken steps to protect their users, but privacy has yet to be adopted across the web. There is a bit of a stigma surrounding online privacy. Many people assume that the only

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Verdict Encrypt: 39 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

Search Encrypt/ January 23, 2018

Search Encrypt shares Verdict Encrypt’s predictions on digital privacy and cybersecurity in 2018. We’re advocates for data security and privacy. Moving forward, growing concern over threats to cybersecurity will lead to more people finding ways to protect themselves. Generation Z (the generation currently graduating from university and entering the job market) poses new threats

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What Are Filter Bubbles & How To Avoid Them

Christian Stewart/ January 12, 2018

The internet is facing a major issue. One that could threaten our democracy in the United States, and has already divided our country politically. The issue is filter bubbles. What is a Filter Bubble? Filter bubbles refer to the state of intellectual isolation that can result from personalized searches on search engines or social media

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Raspberry Pi & Digital Privacy Risks

Search Encrypt/ January 9, 2018

People have come up with some crazy awesome ways to use a Raspberry Pi to solve some difficult problems. It was originally created to help students learn to code, but has since become wildly popular in other realms. We’re going to look into how they work and if using one could make you vulnerable

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How Does Search Encrypt Work?

Search Encrypt/ January 8, 2018

Search Encrypt is a private search engine designed with privacy as its core value. Search Encrypt protects your privacy by encrypting your search terms, expiring your browsing history and using advanced SSL encryption. We’re sharing a bit about how we encrypt your searches and, as a result, protect your privacy. What Happens When You

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