How To Limit Tracking on iOS Devices

Search Encrypt/ September 21, 2018

Apple is looked to as one of the good guys in the fight for privacy. Many of the other big tech companies have business models that rely on tracking as much data as possible from as many of their users as possible. This is

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Amazon Facial Recognition Poses Threats to Privacy

Search Encrypt/ June 25, 2018

In 2017 Amazon introduced Rekognition, its “deep learning-based image and video analysis” platform. Privacy advocates and other advocacy groups argue that Amazon Rekognition is a threat to people’s civil rights and liberties. Facial recognition is not a neutral technology. There are many applications for

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What is Search Neutrality? Is Your Search Engine Biased?

Search Encrypt/ June 15, 2018

Search neutrality is the idea that a search engine does not limit or influence a person’s ability to access information on the internet. The search engine market is very one sided with just a couple companies controlling the entire market. “Search neutrality is a principle that search engines should

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