Complete Beginner’s Guide to Internet Safety & Privacy

Search Encrypt/ March 20, 2018

Privacy matters. Even if you think you have nothing to hide, it’s in your best interest to make your privacy a priority. Most people don’t discuss privacy on the internet with their friends. “More than three-quarters of adult internet users (78 percent) are concerned about their privacy while using the internet, and more than

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98 Things Facebook Is Tracking About You (and Everyone Else)

Search Encrypt/ March 19, 2018

Most people are somewhat familiar with the tracking that Facebook does. You’ve likely noticed ads for something that you’ve searched for in the past or talked about with a friend. However, this issue has become more prevalent as news continues to surface surrounding privacy breaches and security concerns for its users. Facebook is quickly

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Express VPN’s Best Web Browsers for Privacy

Search Encrypt/ March 15, 2018

ExpressVPN tested nine web browsers and ranked them based on the privacy and security each one offers. It looked at three key areas to determine which was the best: frequency of updates, the browser’s security features, and it’s privacy tools. The ratings in each category were then added to give a composite score out

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FBI Continues to Fight Against Encryption

Search Encrypt/ March 13, 2018

FBI director Christopher Wray said earlier this week, “we’re not looking for a ‘back door’”. Unsure, he  explained that he thinks a back door is a “secret, insecure means of access”. He says this isn’t what the government is looking for. They want to break encryption in a way that also keeps information secure.

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Security Innovation: What is PII and How Can I Protect My Private Information?

Search Encrypt/ March 12, 2018

Search Encrypt is sharing Security Innovation‘s insight on how to protect your private information online. Security Innovation is a software security company specializing in testing and assessing different platforms, including IoT, for their security. What is PII? According to Security Innovation, “PII stands for Personally Identifiable Information. This can be labeled as any data

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Three Ways To Communicate Anonymously and Privately Online

Search Encrypt/ March 12, 2018

There are more ways to communicate online now than ever. It can be overwhelming to choose which service to use. We often find ourselves communicating with one person via multiple channels (e.g. Facebook Messenger, texting, and Snapchat). Because our communication is spread across so many channels, it is vulnerable from many angles. By using

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Facebook’s Onavo Protect VPN Collects Data Even When Turned Off

Search Encrypt/ March 6, 2018

Facebook recently launched “Onavo”, a VPN service. The app is available in the iOS mobile app store as Onavo Protect. Facebook acquired Onavo in October 2013 The app faced criticism back in February because it shared information with Facebook. VPNs are privacy products, and if this one shares information with Facebook, that completely defeats

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5 Ways to Protect Your Data Online

Search Encrypt/ February 22, 2018

Use these 5 Tips for Protecting Your Data Online. Search Encrypt is a private search engine and we’re constantly working to keep your data private! A post shared by Search Encrypt (@searchencrypt) on Feb 21, 2018 at 12:28pm PST

Facebook Breaks Privacy Laws, Faces Fine Up to $125 Million

Search Encrypt/ February 16, 2018

A Belgian court found Facebook guilty of breaching Belgium’s privacy laws. Belgium’s Privacy Commission, the country’s privacy watchdog group, brought the case against Facebook. The Privacy Commission claimed that information about how Facebook gathers and uses data is unclear and incomplete. Facebook uses “social plug-ins”, cookies and transparent pixels to track users internet activities,

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Make Privacy The Norm & Protect Yourself Online

Search Encrypt/ January 30, 2018

One of Search Encrypt’s biggest goals for 2018 is to establish privacy as a norm on the internet. Most major websites have taken steps to protect their users, but privacy has yet to be adopted across the web. There is a bit of a stigma surrounding online privacy. Many people assume that the only

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