Why the Facebook Data Scandal Won’t Happen to Us

Search Encrypt/ April 5, 2018

After Facebook gave Cambridge Analytica the data of 87 million people, many companies scrambled to make sure their data security and privacy were up to par with industry standards. Data breaches are terrible for business because they harm the company’s image and diminish consumer trust.

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Why Privacy Is Essential on The Internet

Search Encrypt/ April 3, 2018

The internet is a platform for information to flow freely and openly. However certain information must remain private. An internet that allows users to maintain their privacy, and control which information they share is better for all users. Privacy helps the internet in many

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Data Privacy Concerns with Google – Hackernoon

Search Encrypt/ March 30, 2018

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has a market cap of $712 billion. Within Google’s range of products, there are seven with at least one billion users. In its privacy policy, the company outlines its broad and far-reaching data collection. The data collection extends to Google’s entire

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