Search Encrypt is The Best Free Search Engine

Search Encrypt/ June 7, 2018

The Search Encrypt team has a lot of experience with search engines, especially those focused on privacy, that put their user’s data security ahead of advertising revenue. Search Encrypt is always working towards being the best search engine, not just the best private search

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Search Encrypt Protects Your Search Privacy

Search Encrypt/ June 4, 2018

Search Encrypt ( is a private search engine available online or as a browser extension. Search Encrypt’s extension can be added to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It’s a free add-on that can quickly be installed in your browser. Private search engines, like

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Search Encrypt – Chrome Extension

Search Encrypt/ May 31, 2018

Keep your searches private by redirecting searches that may be tracked to Search Encrypt, a privacy-focused search engine! Search Encrypt uses local encryption to secure your searches. Our private search engine combines AES-256 encryption with Secure Sockets Layer encryption. It then retrieves your search

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How To Install & Remove Search Encrypt – Medium

Search Encrypt/ May 17, 2018

Search Encrypt is a privacy-focused search tool. It helps protect your search behavior data, and gets rid of tracked searches. The browser extension is the best way to make sure that your information isn’t being tracked. Search Encrypt is also available at