Should You Remove Search Encrypt’s Extension?

Search Encrypt/ September 19, 2018

If you’re thinking about removing Search Encrypt’s Chrome or Firefox extension, think again about the data you would be handing over to big search engines without Search Encrypt. Search Encrypt redirects your searches from search engines like Google to our private search engine that doesn’t

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Search Encrypt Uses SSL To Protect User Data

Search Encrypt/ May 23, 2018

Search Encrypt is a privacy based search engine, so logically we use the most advanced data security features available. We even go beyond the level of security that SSL provides. Our search engine includes “Perfect Forward Secrecy”, which means we’ve achieved the highest level of

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Privacy May Be Blockchain’s Best Application

Search Encrypt/ April 12, 2018

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have taken off in huge ways over the past year. There are countless opinions about the legitimacy, reliability, and future of cryptocurrencies and their widespread use. One idea that there is less disagreement on is that blockchain and cryptocurrencies’ ability to protect user

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Why You Should Choose to Encrypt…Everything

Search Encrypt/ April 6, 2018

Integrity With encryption you know that your message hasn’t been altered by a third party. Authentication Because you have to have the encryption key to decrypt the message, you know the source of the information. Confidence You know where the message came from and

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Session Replay Scripts Could Be Leaking Sensitive Data

Search Encrypt/ April 4, 2018

Websites running tracking scripts could be inadvertently gathering your sensitive information. Websites use “session replay scripts” to view your mouse movements and keystrokes while visiting their webpage. If you type sensitive information like credit card numbers or passwords, you could be unknowingly sharing this

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This Tool Reads Privacy Policies For You

Search Encrypt/ February 20, 2018

Pribot, an AI-powered analysis service, created a tool called Polisis that uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to create an easy to read summary of any online privacy policy. Pribot originally launched a chat bot that crawled privacy policies and then presented smaller (and

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