5 Reasons to Trust Search Encrypt — The Private Search Engine

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Finding a search engine that is actually privacy-based and doesn’t track you is not easy. Even Google claims to encrypt your searches and have privacy features, but these really only work to protect your local privacy. Search Encrypt is a good choice if you’re looking for a safe search engine. And here’s why:

1. No Tracking of Personal Information

Search Encrypt doesn’t track any information that could be linked to you or your computer. Regardless of if you have “nothing to hide”, we believe your internet behavior should be private. We don’t collect your data to serve ads or for any other purpose.

Our biggest priority is privacy. Search Encrypt has been a privacy-based search engine from the beginning and it will always be that way.

2. It’s in Search Encrypt’s Privacy Policy

“Search Encrypt does not track search history in any user identifiable way and prevents your ISP from tracking your search terms.”

Read our privacy policy for full details on how we protect your searches and your internet browsing behavior. We don’t request, log or share your personal information. If you receive anything asking for personal information, it isn’t from Search Encrypt.

3. Search Encrypt’s Browser Extension

Search Encrypt adds another layer of protection using its browser extension. Right now you may be using search engines that track you and not even know. We help you avoid this by redirecting any of these searches through our secure and encrypted search engine.

To Add Search Encrypt’s Browser Extension, Click Below 👇

Adding our browser extension is a quick step to protecting your online privacy. It’s simple to add, with just a few clicks.

Remove Search Encrypt’s Browser Extension

To remove Search Encrypt, just go to your browser’s extension page and remove it. If you still need help, click here for more information.

4. Ads That Aren’t Creepy

You determine what ads you see, depending on what you search for. Google tracks your internet use, and tons of other data points, and serves you targeted ads based on that data.

Our search ads are still relevant because they are based on your search term. But don’t worry about those ads following you around the internet, into your Facebook feed, and elsewhere.

5. Learn About Digital Privacy with Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is a search engine, but all aspects of digital privacy and data security fascinate us. Our goal is to help make the internet a safer, and thus more user-friendly. We believe you should be able to browse the internet without having to worry about losing personal data to big companies or hackers.

We think that more encryption is necessary across the internet to truly make the web a safer place. Follow the Search Encrypt Blog 📝for news about digital privacy and data security.

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