What is Search Encrypt? Why Should You Use A Private Search Engine?

Christian Stewart/ January 5, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

 Search Encrypt is a privacy based search engine. It is built with privacy-by-design, which means it was made to emphasize user privacy. We want our search engine to provide great search results, without compromising our user’s information. Search Encrypt helps you search the web without leaving your personal data behind.

What Is a Private Search Engine?

There are many types of private search engines. Essentially, a private search engine is a search engine that doesn’t track its users, and delivers search results with added layers of protection. Search Encrypt is unique because it uses local encryption for an added layer of privacy protection. Your search terms are transmitted to our servers in encrypted form, where they are decrypted and sent through our private search engine. Your search terms are not linked with any user identifiable information and we don’t store that information on our servers.

Privacy focused search engines, like Search Encrypt or Startpage, probably won’t replace Google any time soon. In recent years though, and more so in 2017, these private search engines have seen noticeable increases in traffic and the searches they process. Search Encrypt is no exception — It’s Alexa Ranking has jumped up from 2,993 to 1,814 in the last three months alone.

5 Ways Search Encrypt Protects You


5 Ways Search Encrypt Protects You

  1. No Tracking
  2. Expiring Browser History
  3. SSL Encryption
  4. Privacy by Design
  5. Transparency

How does Search Encrypt Work?

Search Encrypt is available as an internet search engine and as a browser extension search tool. We’ll explain how each works to protect your searches.

Internet Search Engine (SearchEncrypt.com)

When you perform a search on Search Encrypt, it encrypts your search terms locally. Search Encrypt makes searching the web privately more convenient by eliminating unnecessary steps. You don’t have to constantly clear your browsing history either because Search Encrypt browsing history expires after you are done searching.

Search Encrypt Browser Extension

Search Encrypt is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Your search terms are encrypted locally and redirected through our private search engine. Our extension helps you avoid search engine tracking that may follow you around the web.

Why You Should Use Private Search Engines?

The truth is, people know that search engines are tracking them. Most websites have privacy policies which clearly state that they use cookies and other means of tracking users. Any in many cases, when we are asked to give apps, websites, or products permission to track us, we blindly agree. This may seem acceptable at first, but it’s problematic if that same tracker is following you two years later, when you’ve forgotten about it.

Your search engine should be optimized for searching the internet, not tracking you once you’ve left. Your Google information can be used against you in legal cases, even in civil cases like divorces.

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