Create a Digital Fortress With a Private Search Engine and a VPN

Search Encrypt/ March 2, 2018/ Privacy

If you are trying to use the internet and remain private at the same time, achieving that can be overwhelming. We recommend using: 1) a private search engine, and 2) a high-quality VPN. As a result, your internet searches and browsing will be safe from trackers that follow you around the web, and search engines that collect your information.

Not All VPNs are Created Equal

Before you invest in a VPN (the best options are paid, not free), do some research on how VPNs work and which ones have positive customer feedback. Ideally, your VPN will have many servers and server locations, tons of unique IP addresses and support for multiple devices. Most VPNs provide service for a few devices, so you can use them on your computer, smartphone, and other devices. Similar to private search engines, VPNs vary in how how private they really are. Just double check before purchasing one and you should be in the clear.

Facebook’s VPN Onavo Protect tracks user information and sends it to Facebook. Read more here…

But can’t I just use a VPN?

If you want to remain anonymous to your ISP, then in most cases a VPN will do the trick. However, if you are using a search engine that tracks you, it uses other ways to link your searches back to you. For example, if you are using Google Chrome and you are signed into the browser, your searches are linked to your browser. Or, if you use a Gmail email address, your searches could be tied back to that. Websites and search engines that track you have many ways to collect your internet data, that go beyond a VPN. These “other ways” are called fingerprinting. This is when websites look at your internet browser, your devices, and the sites you visit most to create your user profile.

If you don’t want to share what you’re searching for with your search engine, the best way to achieve that is to use a search engine that doesn’t track your search history. This eliminates any worries you may have of your searches coming up at any time in the future. VPNs are great, but they are just one step in the complete privacy stack.

Combine Search Encrypt with a VPN to give yourself peace of mind when it comes to your privacy. We don’t need your information to offer reliable and fast search results. Adding a VPN just bolsters your data protection efforts. Your privacy is important to us, and that’s why we created Search Encrypt with privacy as our number one goal.

Practice Safe Searches & Start Using a Private Search Engine!

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