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Introducing Ad Guardian by Search Encrypt

We’re excited to announce another awesome addition to our product line: Ad Blocker by Search Encrypt.

If you spend much time at all browsing the internet, you probably see thousands of ads every day. It’s possible that on some websites you don’t even notice them. On others though, ads can be so intrusive that they make it hard to focus on the website’s main content.

What is Ad Blocker by Search Encrypt?

Search Encrypt’s ad blocker works like most other ad blockers, but with additional features.

For an additional layer of privacy protection, we also redirect your searches to Search Encrypt’s private search engine. Many search engines use your search history to target you with ads, while Search Encrypt’s ads are based on your search term alone.

Some ad blockers use your data to sell to third parties. So it’s important to choose an ad blocker, like ours, that makes your privacy a top priority. Otherwise you could be blocking ads, but sharing your data with an unnecessary third party.

How does Ad Blocker Work?

We check the requests on the pages you visit and if we see that ad scripts are running on the page we block those requests. We’ve identified the most widely used ad exchanges on the web so the websites you visit most will be free of distracting or annoying ads.

With an ad blocker, your web browsing will be much faster and more user-friendly. If the ads never load, the pages you visit will load noticeably faster.

Which Ads Does Ad Blocker Block?

  • Most Internet Ad Providers: We’ve identified the ad providers behind the ads on the internet’s most popular websites.
  • Video Ads: With our ad blocker, you won’t have to wait for annoying pre-roll ads to play before watching videos online!

ad blocker by search encrypt

Why Should You Use an Ad Blocker?

  • Protect Your Privacy: Ads often contain tracking scripts that advertisers use to determine when you see their ads. These scripts could be collecting your information without your knowledge. If the ads on the sites you visit never load, neither will the tracking scripts they contain.
  • Lower Energy, Bandwidth and CPU Usage: Like anything else on a website, ads take energy, bandwidth and CPU to load. If you’re using a mobile device this can be especially important if data limits and battery life are an issue.
  • Better Internet Experience: The majority of the top internet publications use ads to fund their business. However, these ads detract from the main content they’re providing. They’re goal should be providing top quality content rather than maximizing ad revenue.