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Introducing Privacy Toolkit by Search Encrypt

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our product line: Privacy Toolkit by Search Encrypt. This new tool helps protect your privacy while also giving a look into the common privacy pitfalls so many websites fall into.

Tracker Detection & Protection

Privacy Toolkit by Search Encrypt blocks trackers on sites you visit. You might be surprised at the amount of trackers hiding on the websites you visit most often.

Privacy Toolkit by Search Encrypt provides transparency into how much information you could be sharing without tracker blocking.

Trackers are used to collect your data, and run as scripts or pixels hidden on the websites you visit. Websites use these trackers for advertising and analytics purposes. Many websites also include trackers from social media sites and other third parties.

If you have certain websites that you want to track you, for whatever reason, you can temporarily disable our tracker blocking. Just click on the Privacy Toolkit shield in your menu bar and click on the tracker icon. Then switch tracker protection off in the menu. You can temporarily or permanently, depending on your individual needs.

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Forced HTTPS Security

Secure connections are established using HTTPS (SSL/TLS encryption). It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. On any website that supports HTTPS, we will automatically redirect you to the secure version of the website.

There are still many websites that support HTTPS, but that don’t automatically redirect you to their secure webpage. If you are on a site without HTTPS, your browsing behavior and any information you enter into the site could be tracked. You should avoid entering passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information into any website that doesn’t use HTTPS.

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Cookie Detection

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Cookies are small files stored in your browser that contain, sometimes sensitive, information about the site you’re on. Sometimes cookies are actually quite useful, when they make browsing more convenient — by recognizing it’s you and not making you log in every time you come back to a website.

Not all cookies are secure though. A secure cookie can only be transmitted over an encrypted connection. They cannot be transmitted over unencrypted (non-HTTPS) connections.

Privacy Scores On Sites You Visit

For each website you visit, we determine the level of privacy using our own privacy algorithm. We then give every website a score from 1-10 based on its privacy and security practices. We find this tool to be incredibly useful for actually realizing that the sites you go to every day, might be sucking up your private information.

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