How Search Encrypt Keeps Your Searches Private

Search Encrypt/ May 1, 2018/ Search Engines

What is Search Encrypt?

Search Encrypt is a private search engine. So, what does that mean? Put simply, we don’t track your searches. What you search for is never linked to any of your personally identifiable information. We encrypt your search terms so that even if someone could hack into our servers or onto your computer, they couldn’t see what you searched for.

How Is It Different From Other Search Engines?

The most popular search engines are also the best at tracking you. Search Encrypt doesn’t do this. When you click on a link on our search engine, we don’t pass along your search term to the websites you visit. This means they can’t link you to your search terms to advertise to you.


For anyone who doesn’t know, encryption is a process that encodes a message, or in our case your search term, so that it can only be read by certain people. We use industry-standard AES-256 encryption on all of your searches.

Encrypted Search Terms

Using Search Encrypt, your search terms are fully encrypted, so that even if someone can access your network they can’t see what you search for. Our encryption lets our product offer perfect forward secrecy, which means once you’re done searching your searches are gone forever.

Expiring Encryption Key

The key that we use to decrypt your search terms expires, so when you’re done searching your searches are gone forever. Because the key expires, your search terms disappear from your history so you, or anyone with access to your computer, can’t see them.

No Tracking

We don’t collect any personally identifiable information about our users. Tracking on the internet isn’t surprising anymore. If you’re on the internet it’s safe to say that your information is getting collected. Search Encrypt doesn’t need your browsing history and search history to deliver you relevant search results.

Some of the most popular websites on the internet are also major tracking operations. Social media sites like Facebook, and big search engines are known for collecting massive amounts of user data.

Protect Your Privacy

Serious About Privacy? World Privacy Forum suggests using “the Kitchen Sink” approach. Use as many privacy measures as you can.

Use VPNs and proxies, use encrypted search, use HTTPS everywhere, delete and manage all of your cookies at an advanced level. Routinely use a wide variety of computers, mobile devices, connections, and search engines.


Search Encrypt makes it easy to search the web privately. Using other privacy measures helps protect your information once you’ve left our site. We are advocates for privacy on the internet, but the shift towards a private internet starts with you.